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Dersia addresses all those young, dynamic women who dare to change the world. Passionate, sportsmen and adventurers, they are respectful of their environment, aware of the importance of a healthy diet and the use of certified natural cosmetics, they use organic, natural, vegan products, without parabens, dyes or petroleum derivatives.


  • Its commitment to the environment is present in the non-use of secondary packaging, reducing the use of resources and improving the price of products.

  • It only uses aluminum containers, providing total insulation of the product, ensuring the inalterability of the ingredients and keeping it in perfect condition for longer.

  • In line with its values, its entire range is available in three volumes: 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml, considerably reducing production costs and the use of unnecessary resources.

  • DERSIA is firmly committed to a circular economy, which is and will be elementary in the transformation of systems towards a net zero emissions economy, favoring the improvement of the environment.

  • 100% recyclable, ensuring that it has no environmental impact.

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