101 Reasons Why Scroll Box | The Sweetest Personalized Gift

101 Reasons Why Scroll Box | The Sweetest Personalized Gift

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The most thoughtful gift they will ever receive.

Finding a meaningful gift is hard, which is why so many people get it wrong.

So we created the 101 Reasons Scroll Box, so you can give a truly thoughtful personalized gift that they will love and cherish forever. 

Use a pen to write 101 reasons why anything you choose (Eg. I love you, you’re the best Mum, we’ll miss you, we should get a puppy, you should hire me, etc).

Then watch their heart melt as they turn the wooden pegs to scroll through your personalized reasons.

101 Reasons. A personalized gift that will give a lifetime of smiles.


101 Reasons Why Ideas You Could Use:
1. You make me a better person
2. You leave me messages on the bathroom mirror
3. You’re always by my side when I need you
4. You have a constant supply of chocolate
5. I feel so lucky waking up next to you
6. You tap your foot when you’re nervous
7. You always ask about my day
8. You always seem to know where the best gigs are happening
9. You always forget your keys
10. You always want the end slice of the bread
11. You put up with me when I’m hangry
12. You’re the best to go on walks with
13. You have the best taste in music
14. You sing way too loud in the shower
15. You make the best pizza
16. You’re the only person who can beat me at mario kart
17. You wear a mask that covers both your nose and your mouth
18. You help me work through things
19. Because of that face you pull when you put on makeup
20. Because you always seem to know the answer
21. Because you can admit when you’re wrong
22. Because you know when I’m feeling down
23. You’re so kind to your friends
24. You’re so generous with your family
25. You actively work on being the best you can be
26. You’re so optimistic
27. You talk straight and are always frank
28. You’re always on time
29. You’re so sociable
30. You have my back
31. You never forget anyone’s birthday
32. You’re just the funnest person to be around
33. That chip in your tooth
34. Your stretch marks
35. You can’t seem to get one plant to live
36. You’re so handy
37. You make the best cup of tea
38. Your little dances around the kitchen
39. The way you say Worcestershire sauce
40. That you help me meditate
41. We always discuss problems, not fight
42. You make some of the best flapjack I’ve ever had
43. You leave me the best ones in a box of quality streets
44. You love helping people
45. You always try something new before judging it
46. That you can’t seem to use chopsticks, no matter what
47. You’re the best person to have on a pub quiz
48. You honest
49. You always wash up straight away
50. You always have the best solutions
51. You see the best in people
52. You failed to stop biting your nails
53. You have the coolest jumpers
54. You’re the best Aunt
55. Your smile lights up a room
56. You always bring me water when I’m hungover
57. You always lift my spirits
58. You never give up
59. You make the perfect roast
60. You put up with my smelly feet
61. You iron your bedsheets, you weirdo
62. You always chat to the postman
63. You say hello to passerbys
64. You always say the silliest things
65. No party is a party without you
66. You love to swim
67. You play guitar so well
68. You’re amazing with kids
69. You’re the dogs favourite
70. You beat me at every board game
71. You have the best taste in fashion
72. You always seem to know what time it is
73. You calm me down
74. Your family has become my family
75. My birthday presents are never a let down
76. You’re an amazing judge of character
77. You’re joyful
78. You belong on a catwalk
79. You can sew a button on
80. Your attempts at cutting my hair
81. You always get spinach in your teeth
82. You always carry way too much in your bag
83. You steal my clothes
84. You never check the sell by date
85. You know which laundry detergent smells the best
86. You don’t waste time taking pictures of food when we could be eating
87. You smell oranges before you buy them
88. You love cheesy films
89. You make popcorn from scratch
90. You always buy the wrong sized batteries
91. You buy too many plants
92. You just don’t stop buying books
93. You shop at charity shops for clothes
94. You make me homemade presents
95. You wear shorts in 10 degree weather
96. You wear socks and sandals
97. You know where to look for restaurants when we’re on holiday
98. You spent 10 hours deciding which glasses you should buy
99. You know that PC is better than Mac
100. You love to cycle
101. You can’t get by without an apple a day

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