Choosing the right sunscreen for sensitive skin can often be tricky. Sensitive skin requires extra research and sampling different products that often aren’t right. But what if we told you taking care of sensitive skin in the summer has just gotten easier? 

Say goodbye to irritated skin, heat rash and inflammation. Saltee, a beautiful collection of premium suncare for the face and body, has been carefully formulated for sensitive skin. It lets you get out and enjoy the sun without having to worry about any unruly reactions. Read on to find out how Saltee protects sensitive skin.

Saltee is a London based business created for those who love to travel, want to explore the world and dream about their next grand adventure.

Saltee was created by Sam and Patrick because it didn’t exist; luxurious, clean, quality products to enable busy lives. They set out to create fun and premium products that encourage an active lifestyle without compromising on style.

We want Saltee to join all your travel experiences. Escape With Us.

All our products are carefully formulated in the UK to provide protection wherever you go in the world. The Saltee collection, be that suncare or hand gel, is an essential whenever you are discovering the world – near and far.

All our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, paraben free, responsibly sourced (our packaging is created using recycled materials).

Avocado oil in our suncare collection ensures super-fast absorbency. No sticky, gloopy, chalky white marks! But instead a suncream collection that feels good on your skin and looks good in your beach bag
Venuceane is the hero of our SPF 50 face formulas. Sourced naturally from the depths of the Caribbean Sea, this organic ingredient counters photo damage, is anti-ageing and protects against both UV and IR radiation.
Our body lotion range is enhanced with tan accelerator that stimulates your skin’s natural sun defences and melanin production to protect and enhance your skin condition. Saltee helps your skin better protect itself from UV rays whilst naturally boosting tanning.