A minimalist approach to skin repair.

Since 2014, our mission has always been to provide the safest, simplest and most effective formulas that bring remarkable results.

Our “Less is More” philosophy aims at eliminating all potential toxic and harmful ingredients, in order to help our clients, achieve smooth, healthy and radiant skin.

Very often when people are looking for a skincare solution, one of the first thing they do is search online their problem or ask friends. And like many health-related questions, there are many different views about the same topic.

As a result, we went for a holistic way of looking at skincare problems. We started at the ingredient level, the active ingredients. And then we saw what skin problem these ingredients could solve.

Bearing that in mind, we decided to go for a minimalist approach when it comes to our skin repair formulas. The fewer ingredients, the higher the concentration of the active ingredients will be. 


All products of Eblouir are 100% fragrance-free and pigment-free.


We make use of high-performance ingredients.

APG Glucoside, Idebenone, Ceramide, B5 and GHK-CU. These clinically proven ingredients bring significant improvements to the skin barrier, damage repair, micro plastic surgery aftercare, sensitive skin therapy, pores reduction and dark spots. 


We curate our products so that only the efficient and clinically tested ingredients are used in our formulas.


Eblouir prides itself for repeat business 

We emphasize on building long term relationships and provide all necessary support and training to ensure a successful cooperation.