Copper Peptide Repair Serum (2 x 10ml)
Copper Peptide Repair Serum (2 x 10ml)
Copper Peptide Repair Serum (2 x 10ml)
Copper Peptide Repair Serum (2 x 10ml)
Copper Peptide Repair Serum (2 x 10ml)
Eblouir Skincare

Copper Peptide Repair Serum (2 x 10ml)

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Improve and heal your skin with Copper Peptide Repair Serum by Eblouir.
Enriched with Copper Tripeptide-1 and Vitamin B5, this carefully crafted serum will:

Boost your skin collagen production.
Repair past damage.
Improve Skin Texture.
Smooth Wrinkles.
Tackle multiple signs of aging at once.
Protects from UV radiation.


Perfect For:

Dry and dull skin Restoring damaged skin
Fixing wrinkles and fine lines
Healing acne scars
Sensitive red areas

How To Use?

Apply on clean skin day and night.
Use several drops and smooth in gently all over the face, eye area, and neck.
Allow 3-5 minutes for full absorption.

What is Copper Tripeptide-1?

The key ingredient in our serum is the powerful yet skin-friendly antioxidant and anti-aging Copper Tripeptide-1. GHK-Cu is the best medically proven protective and regenerative ingredient. While having typically high costs, it’s a premium ingredient in the skincare industry, seen only in high-end products. 

How It Tackles Aging:

As your skin ages, structural proteins naturally decrease, leaving it vulnerable to cracks, wrinkles and aged textures. Copper Peptide Repair Serum by Eblouir tackles this by promoting the production of Glycosaminoglycans - resulting in healthy, plump and hydrated skin. 

Micro wounds are also healed thanks to a protective antioxidant layer, shielding you from the damage of day-to-day life. 

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

Increases skin elasticity
Speeds up the synthesis of collagen in the skin
• Helps achieve smooth, wrinkle-free skin

Vitamin B5

Diminishes inflammation and heals skin wounds
Anti-Aging Effects⁠
Keeps Your Skin Moisturized⁠


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