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[product_title Flatyz at Depeche-Toi
[product_title Flatyz at Depeche-Toi
[product_title Flatyz at Depeche-Toi

Flatyz Hand Painted Flat Candle| Unscented, Dripless, Smokeless, Decorative | Sea Turtle | Double Wick with Metal Base | Unique Gift Idea and Home Décor Accent

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Brand: Flatyz

Color: multi-colored


  • HANDMADE CANDLE ART – Each candle is hand poured and hand painted. Flatyz candles feature two organic cotton wicks, paraffin, and safety certified paints. Our candles are smoke-free so you and your guests can enjoy the look and comfort of the candles without the smokey mess. Bring the ocean and sea turtles to your living space with the beautiful candle.
  • DRIPLESS & SELF EXTINGUISHING – Our uniquely designed flat candle is non-dripping and evaporates as it burns, leaving no mess behind. In addition to being dripless, the candles are smokeless and self-extinguishing to ensure safety. Candles are unscented and include one handmade flat candle along with a steel base stand to create an attractive home décor display and double as a snuffer.
  • GREAT GIFTS – Perfect for gift giving. Whether it is a special celebration, a business gift, or birthday - or just to decorate your home. Our candles are extremely one of a kind offering a new twist on the candle business that is sure to have your friends and guests in awe!
  • UNIQUE HOME DECOR: Unlike most candles, Flatyz candles are unconventionally flat with two wicks that burn evenly. This gives the candles a unique, yet, clean and modern look. These handmade candles are quite eye-catching and can add a decorative touch to any scenery.
  • DIMENSIONS AND SPECS - 2.4" x 0.4" x 5.9" Each candle has a 3-4 hour burning time. Includes an easy-to-assemble candle holder.


Other Brands Don't Hold a Candle to Flatyz Unique Flat, Double Wick, Artistic Designs!

Founded by two candle industry professionals, Flatyz was launched with the desire to create high value-added candle products. We create beautiful designs using various handmade decorating techniques by our skilled artists. The product itself, a flat candle with an assembled stand is our own unique, patented invention. We offer a modern take on traditional candle shapes and design.

Show your love of classic renaissance art with one of the most popular paintings - Sea Turtle. The attention to detail really captures the essence of the beautiful Sea Turtle portrayed here. This candle is truly unique and will add joy and color wherever it's displayed.

Sea Turtle Candle:

  • Famous floral artwork
  • Unscented
  • Dripless
  • Smokeless
  • Hand Painted
  • 2 Wicks made of organic cotton which burn evenly
  • Easy to assemble metal holder
  • Measures 2.4 x 0.4 x 5.9 inches
  • Burns for 3 - 4 hours



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EAN: 4772059001791

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.0 x 0.2 inches

Made in Lithuania

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