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Ireland Earth

Ireland Earth All Natural All Weather Fire Starters (set of 6)

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All Weather, Anytime Fires Enjoy 6 fires from our all-weather; all-natural fire starters that reach high temperatures capable of accelerated wood combustion 2.5 times faster than a handful of nuggets from competing brands. Producing 1500 BTUs within minutes and delivering more than 7000 BTUs at peak, for a 30-minute controlled burn that can ignite even under wet conditions. Quick Reliable Ignition Every Time! Ireland Earth Fire Starters not only produce that fastest ignition, but a single Ireland Earth Fire Starter delivers the hottest temperatures we tested, resulting in a fire capable of igniting hard-to-light woods like maple and apple wood—great for use in a smoker, BBQ or grill. Indoors, Outdoors, Fireplace, Fire Pit or Grill—Anywhere you need heat! Whether igniting firewood for a fireplace, charcoal for your grill or high temperature combustions woods for a smoker; the intense 7000 BTUs of heat produced by Ireland Earth Fire Starters deliver an easy-to-light, clean-burning fire.

6 individual starters bundled together

Made in Ireland

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