L’Eau de Madame
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L’Eau de Madame

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Olfactory masterpiece: the notes of the iris

Iris brings to L’Eau de Madame this delicate powdery and sensual note.
It is one of the noblest materials in perfumery.

Iris is both powerful and refined.

Its scent is delicate but complex because unlike other scented materials, the smell of Iris grows stronger over time.


The padded emotions of Musk

Musk brings softness and tenderness to L’Eau de Madame. A perfect compromise between freshness and tenacity.

Musk is bursting with elegance, and has the gift of sublimating the other ingredients. Everyone will be able to bring out all the subtleties of this ingredient according to the inspiration of their nose. The possibilities are limitless.



Eau de Madame is an incomparable scent for women who love unique materials.

20% perfume
For the woman.
Made in France – Size 100 ml.

A family history of French cosmetics

The history of Féret cosmetics is above all a family story:
a family that has been creating and manufacturing skincare products in France since 1878!

Products with original packaging
and MADE IN FRANCE forever!

As at its origins, Féret Parfumeur offers products:

      • in an always retro-chic style
      • 100% MADE IN FRANCE
      • mainly formulated with honey and essential oils.

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